Transform Your Business from Cash Starved to Cash Flooded

The primary reasons why 98% of all small and medium businesses go bust are the lack of financial controls and cash flow mismanagement.

To be on the side of those 2% highly successful cash rich businesses, you would need to master and implement the advanced Financial Control and Cash Flow Mastery Blueprints in your business.

The ONLY Program that Helps You Get this Done Flawlessly is..

Financial Control

An Advanced Cash Flow Mastery Implementation Program.

FC21 Combines Three Crucial Aspects of Cash-Flow Mastery


Designed & led by India’s leading Cash Flow Coach Jagmohan Singh, this program is exclusively for the serious businessmen who have deep desire to build a cash rich highly-profitable business in a quickest possible time.

Adopting this system, you can come out of the constant cycle of Feast or Famine in your business and than keep growing it on this solid foundation.

Advanced Learning

You will learn how to build your Cash Rich Business with 21 Golden Financial Control & Cash Flow Mastery Tools.

Implementation Support

Apart from Jagmohan Singh himself, you will also get your dedicated coach to get on-demand support..


Jagmohan Singh will personally audit the reports & set accountability to keep you on track while you adapt..

The participants of Jagmohan Singh’s FC21 Program have got astonishing results (even during the implementation phase itself).

Benefits of Joining this Program

FC21 Quick Implementation Program is the only program that equips you with financial controls and cash flow mastery in just 3-months.

With this program you will...


Develop a system-driven accounting, financial discipline, financial reviews, & on-time compliances to remove any unwanted dependency.


Dramatically reduce the cost in your business, plug the revenue leakage and build an on-time collection and payment system.


Get a solid foundation to flood your business with cash and drive it to build a highly-profitable cash rich business.


Increase the valuation of your business many-fold to help you find absolute peace of mind in the area of money.

What will it Cover?


There are total 21 Advanced Financial Controls that your coach Jagmohan Singh
will help you understand & implement on your business to harp immense benefits.

How this Program Works?

It is a 3-month program during which you will implement 21 Advanced Financial Controls in your
business assisted by a dedicated facilitator under the direct supervision of Jagmohan Singh.

The entire implementation cycle functions like following:

live session by
jagmohan singh

There will be 12 Online Live Sessions during which Jagmohan Singh will give in-depth understanding of 21 Financial Controls.

every Saturday (10am - 1pm)


Your dedicated Coach from JSA will assist your Financial Controller to implement the topic covered during the Online Session.

mis reporting
& review

The Financial Controller will present a 15-min Weekly MIS to you. On the next session, Jagmohan Singh will also review & address challenges.

monthly Financial

There will be an-hour Financial Review presented by Financial Controller.

once a month

valuable audit

Team JSA (in consultation with your Financial Controller) will present an Audit Report.

once a month
cyclic & delegation

Master List of Activities of Accounts & Finance Department is created monitored with the CL & DL System.

You Will Also Get Following Bonuses


tailor-made mis & reports

Team JSA will prepare custom MIS, Toolkits & Reports tailored to the requirements of your business.


your dedicated portal

You will also get your dedicated portal where you’ll find all your reports stored securely.

FC21 Combines Three Crucial Aspects of Cash-Flow Mastery

Check if You Qualify

FC21 Implementation Program is only for those
serious businessmen who are...

  • 100% committed to take their business out of cash-crunch phenomena in a record time
  • Ready to join the program with an open mind with a certainty of implementation of this Science
  • Eager to burn-out with deep desire to churn the gold - as it might not always be easy & fun
Ready to Experience FC21?

Your reaching to this section proves that you’re committed to flood your business with constant Cash Flow and turn it to highly-profitable.

With Financial Control 21, Jagmohan Singh helps you achieve it way faster than you can even imagine. Join now by making your risk-free investment!

₹3,00,000 + GST
Yes! I Want to Register

Advanced Learning, Implementation, Auditing & All the Bonuses

My Personal Guarantee

With your 100% commitment & my proven system, I’m certain that FC21 will work for you. But, in-case after 15-days of joining you feel like this program was not for you - just drop me a message. We’ll refund your full fee.


Thousands of business owners are already benefited from Jagmohan’s strategies. Hundreds among them are already on JSA Online to learn secrets to flood their life with cash-flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike JSAOnline, FC21 is a 3-month advanced program which includes Advanced Cash Flow Mastery Techniques, Complete Hand-holding by Jagmohan Singh Himself, On-demand Help by Your Dedicated Coach & a lot more.

Business Owner time : > Weekly 12 Sessions with CA Jagmohan Singh : 3 hours > Weekly MIS Review: 15 Minutes > Monthly Finance Review : 60 Minutes Your team will work as per Cyclic task list apart from participating for 3 hours in 12 sessions with CA Jagmohan Singh.

Yes. The content is designed keeping in mind Finance for Non Finance. All content is explained in day to day easy language with practical real life case studies.

Yes. It’s necessary that your Financial Controller join along with you. Apart from it, you may ask my team to join more people from your Company with no extra cost.


Want to Have a Glimpse of FC21 Before Joining?

We heard you. Please call Upasana on 9818858498 to get access to next
FC21 Online Session of Jagmohan Singh. It’s FREE for you.

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