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Achieve Absolute Financial
Freedom with an Absolute Financial Control


  • Are you worried that despite your best efforts your business always runs out of the cash?
  • Are you generating decent profit in your business and yet getting stressed-out controlling finances?
  • Is constant financial pressure impacting your health and life?
  • Do you feel suffocated fire-fighting the cash management?

The university of Google can’t help you. I can.

Quick hacks and cheat-sheets you would find on Google are like paracetamol, they may feel like giving quick respite but they don’t cure the route problem.

To conquer your cash flow and make happy relationship with your money you would need to learn the rules of this incredible game of finance.

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This is a must-read guide for busy businessman to increase profit, develop strong cash flow model and automate finance with accounts.


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My Personal Guarantee

Implementing the learnings of these
program religiously, you’re guaranteed to...


You can radically improve your cash flow and drive it to build a highly profitable cash-rich business.


Develop a system-driven accounting, financial discipline, reviews, and on-time compliances.


Dramatically reduce the cost, plug the revenue leakage and build an on-time collection and payment system.


Increase the valuation of your business many-fold and finally find absolute peace of mind in the area of money.

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Reality Check! Your Credit Card is a Virus
Have You Created Your Emergency Fund?
Secrets Revealed: Run Business Debt-Free
Cash Flow is more important than Profit

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Learn the rules of money that the millionaires use to build and grow their wealth
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Sunil Uplap
(MD, Shubham Acqualink India Pvt Ltd.)

“Jagmohan Singh has done a BIG favor to business fraternity with these resources.”

(MD, Noble Moulds Pvt. Ltd.)

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Hello, I am Jagmohan Singh
Leading Cash Flow Expert & Your Financial Freedom Mentor

For 22+ years, I have been helping business owners to fix their financial woes, iron out money challenges, build a solid cash inflow-outflow mechanism.

I have been so incredibly blessed to have had some of the best mentors come into my life and share their wisdom with me, so I have vowed to continue the tradition of passing on the wisdom that has been entrusted to me.

A Global Indian of the Year awardee, I have worked with more than 879 business owners in India & abroad and helped them reach their financial freedom goals at a speed they never thought possible.

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