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Run a Cash Rich Profitable
Business, For Life

End the cash-crunch
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Are you worried that despite your best efforts your business always runs out of the cash?

Do you feel that lack of financial discipline in your business causing huge losses year after year?

Are you generating decent profit in your business and yet getting stressed-out controlling finances?

Is constant financial pressure impacting your health and you’re feeling like shutting business?

Most business owners face all or most of above challenges and eventually witness their businesses go bust. The primary reason for this phenomena is: they run out of the cash.

Make no mistake - the only way to build a highly profitable business and live a cash rich life is to take control of your money and master the science of Cash Flow Management.

And, the only system that can help you master this science is...

JSA Online

Crafted by India’s Leading Cash Flow Coach Jagmohan Singh


This uniquely conceptualized system will empower you with extremely easy yet incredibly powerful skills, strategies and techniques to propel cash flow in your business and help you become unstoppable in your pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

How will it happen?

When you join, Jagmohan Singh and his team shall help you install five absolutely essential tools in your business to help you get on the fast track to big profits.

These Five essential tools are:

Financial Summary

MIS from Accounts & Finance

Working Capital

Cash Flow Model

Net Worth of Business

Thousands of business owners are already benefited from Jagmohan’s strategies. Hundreds among them are already on JSAOnline to learn secrets to flood their life with cash-flow.

Just one learning helped me save 90 lacs going down the drain.

To be honest I was little skeptical about this program but later on I joined because of my trust on Jagmohan Singh. That decision resulted in fortune for me.

Just with one learning I could save 90 lacs by fixing an obvious mistake. Can’t believe my luck.

Anil Gupta
(MD, Microtek & Okaya Group)

Got back my 12 lacs stucked in a tax matter - in just 3 months!

With Jagmohan’s strategies my long pending taxation matter got resolved in just 3 months and I could got back my 12 lacs stucked with authorities.

Now as the money is back in the business and also I can again focus on taking the business to new heights.

RK Sabharwal
(Director, Superwell Services Pvt Ltd.)

What will you get when you join?

Full Technical Support

An expert team shall help you setup and implement Cash Flow Mastery tools in your business.

High-value Training Videos

High-value video & content on Cash Flow Mastery on your email: One video per week for a year.

Four Invaluable Bonuses for FREE!
On-demand Query Resolution (₹15,000 Free!)

Just log-on to JSA Online Portal to put your query and get instant help from our 100+ experts - as many time as you want.

Access to 600+ Training Assets(₹15,000 Free!)

On JSA Online portal you would find hundreds of videos, notes & toolkits you can use to sharpen your financial knowledge.

Monthly Live Meetings(₹24,000 Free!)

You will join 12 Live Meetings of JSA Online Subscribers in which Jagmohan & participants share invaluable insights.

Unlimited One-on-One Session(₹30,000 Free!)

You will get an opportunity to book your one-on-one meeting with you coach Jagmohan Singh - any number of time.

Ready to Subscribe?


If you register today, you will get the annual subscription of JSA Online at just ₹15,000
(Actual fee is ₹54,000 + Bonuses worth ₹94,000 absolutely FREE).

Get a Free Trial of JSA Online to Experience its Power.
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Business owners on-board JSA Online say...

It is an Opportunity of Lifetime


Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. And, it is a mission of Jagmohan Singh to empower you with ample skills, strategies and techniques to propel it in your business.

In this video Jagmohan Singh is sharing why it is important to join JSA Online today!

Ready to Flood Your Business with Cash?

There's a lot of people who can teach you how to make money, but only Jagmohan Singh will help you learn how to ‘make’ and ‘keep’ as much money as you want in your business. Join his Case Flow Mastery Advanced program to learn how.

Frequently asked questions
Will I get a discounted fee post trial?

The offer is valid for 7 days from your registration. You can avail the offered fee anytime during this period and continue the program for a year.

How would you handle my sensitive data?

We do not take your data. All working is done on your Computer through video calls.

I don’t know anything about finance. Will it work for me?

Yes. The content is designed keeping in mind Finance for Non Finance. All content is explained in day to day easy language with practical real life case studies.

Can my team also join with me?

Yes. You and all your group company management and team will have access to JSA Online with a single subscription.