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  1. Business owners always want their Accountant to perform as a Great Accountant but do not know what are those skills & KRA of Great Accountant.
  2. No formal training is generally provided in this area of “SKILLS & KRA” to the Accountant due to lack of awareness, time and structure.
  3. As a result, Business Owners do not know what to expect from their Accountant and even though Accountant is working very hard (not skillfully) but fails to meet expectations of Business Owner and falls in the vicious circle of always busy, overburdened and struggling with completing on time tasks.



This has a huge impact in terms of tense relationship, delay in compliances, interest and penalties with no timely weekly MIS and monthly Finance Review Meeting, inaccurate data and lack of confidence on the accounting system as a whole in the Company.


Let your Accountant Participate in Workshop on “Skill & KRA of Great Accountant”

accountant icon10 SKILLS OF A
questions iconHOW TO DEVELOP
mental health iconHOW TO PRACTICE
accountant icon 5 KRA’S OF GREAT
telecommunication iconHOW TO MEASURE

In The Workshop:

One Day Workshop will start at 10am and complete by 4 p.m. It’s a live Workshop on Zoom lead by CA Jagmohan Singh (India’s leading Cash Flow Expert). The Workshop is based on real life case studies and practical tools and technologies in the area of Finance & Accounts

After the Workshop:

Access to a Website (University of Numbers) will be provided to practice the skills of a Great Accountant.

jsa online

badgeCertificate of Completion:

When ready, the Accountant will apply for Certificate of Completion and the same will be provided after a technical round from JSA.

follow up iconFollow Up:

Thereafter, every month, the Process Coordinator from JSA will follow up to ensure regular support of JSA.

space dashboardKRA Dashboard:

The Process Coordinator from JSA will update the KRA Dashboard every month and share a screenshot of it with the Accountant and Business Owner.

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Thousands of business owners are already benefited from Jagmohan’s strategies. Hundreds among them are already on JSA Online to learn secrets to flood their life with cash-flow.


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